Outdoor advertising made of flexible neon in a complex profile company


This year we have developed and manufactured new signs for PepsiCo using the “flexible neon” technology, an excellent alternative to conventional LED lighting!

Flexible neon (LED, LED-, flex-, cold, thin neon) is an LED strip in a silicone cord that diffuses light. It does not contain any gas.

Silicone is a flexible material, which allows you to set its shape manually. Signs made of flexible neon are made by gluing a light cord onto a plexiglass substrate. The color of the glow most often depends only on the color of the cord.

Реклама для компании Pepsi изготовленная в Сложном Профиле

Advantages and disadvantages of flexible neon

+ Does not break

+ Easy installation

+ The cost is lower than the glass by 10-20%

– Service life 15000-20000 hours

– Contrasting LED glow

– Thickness 6-8mm

– Limited color palette

– Can not be used outdoors

– Not suitable for the manufacture of large-scale structures